Senior Favorites

2016-2017 Senior Favorites



Best Personality

TJ Sheffield and Camryn Studstill

Most Spirited

Skyler Stanley and Hope Belflower

Most Likely to Stay in Eastman

Cole Bronson and Scarlett Kemp

Best All Around

Shipp Dowdy and Madelyn Pruitt

Bed Buds (Girls)

Macy Rogers and Kiley Dix

Best Buds (Boys)

Crosse Bearden and Cody Oxford

Most Athletic

Larry Johnson and Haley Holloway

Most Likely to Make You Smile

Demonte Ivey and Dasmyn Rolland

Most Dependable

Theron Cooper and Jadie Gay

Best to Bring Home to Parents

Clayton Scarborough and Danisha Walker

Most Talented Artistically

Franze Robles and Megan Pittman

The Next Entrepreneur

Will Harrell and Kaitlyn Rowland

Most Talented Musically

John Roberts and Makala Adams

Most Intelligent

Fabian Mann and Lindsey Rahn

Best Person to be on a Deserted Island With

Sawyer Warnock

Best Actor and Actress

CJ Kemp and Brianna Hughes