Student Council


Student Council and class officers are dedicated to developing student leaders in our school and community.

Student Council including the class officers hold regular meetings and promote school spirit by sponsoring and leading in activities such as decorating the school for special events, homecoming “Pow Wow”, and the annual talent show. During the school year, Student Council and class officers are asked to serve as hosts for various school activities as well. The president of the Student Council and each class president serve on the student advisory committee and regularly meet with the principal and other administrators to assist in making decisions that affect school policy and activities.

2020-2021 Student Council & Class Officers

Student Council: 

President - RileyKate Mullis

Vice President - Leighton Jones 

Secretary - Brendan O’Connor

Treasurer - Logan White 

Parliamentarian - Brayden Nardi


President - Jazmyne Mizell 

Vice President - Sheree Coley 

Secretary - Lister Harell

Treasurer - Landon Rogers 

Parliamentarian - Luz Cortez-Perez


President - Kade Harpe

Vice President - Chase Walker 

Secretary - Chelsey Williams

Treasurer - Annie Jones

Parliamentarian - Addye Williams 


President - Barrett Nardi 

Vice President - Ashlyn Grauberger

Secretary - Emmi Rogers

Treasurer - Camryn Vaughn 

Parliamentarian - Ade Murray


President - Isabelle Burch

Vice President - Jordyn Johnson

Secretary - Bailey Fordham 

Treasurer - Chloe Nece

Parliamentarian - Ella Graham


ADVISORS: Lea Bailey, Kristy Callier, Cristina Hawkins, Amy Mullis, Jana Mullis, Julie Pittman, Darci Rogers, and Shawn White