Senior Favorites


2017-2018 Senior Favorites



Most Athletic

Julianna Bellflower and Nick Cummings

Dares to be Different

Cassie Thomas and Donovan Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Manners

Carcy Clements and Dale Roberson

Most Likely to be the next Einstein

Michelle Zhang and Christian Grauberger


Trajona Floyd and Rodrick Hines


Sailor Rogers and Chip Burch

Most Spirited

Zalin Dennard and Elaina Cravey

Most Adventurous

Abby Smith and Ethan Rice

Smoothest Talker

Callie Williams and Tyler Ruffin

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

Gabby Hall and Tyler Montford

Biggest Country Heart

AnnaLora Jones and Clint Lee


Jada Troup and Tyler Griggs

Most Likely to Become Famous

Destanee Holliman and Nic Brown

Mom/Dad of the Friend Group

Tristynee Black and Daniel Coleman

Dynamic Duo (Girls)

Ashley Maxwell and Jessica Lucas

Dynamic Duo (Boys)

Oscar Ruiz and Saul Mendieta


Most Creative

Jade Honeycutt and Keenan Strutchen


Best to Take Home to Parents

Meredith Hutcheson and Brock Woodard