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Counselor's Corner


DCHS counselors monitor academic progress, help students choose courses, and talk to students about their career goals and educational options. Counselors are also available to answer questions, listen to, and help students figure out how to deal with difficult situations.

Parents can assist school counselors by making sure students knows how to go about seeing his/her counselor.
If you have a question, need information, or if your child needs help, contact your child’s counselor by phone or e-mail. Counselors are excellent resources for both students and parents.



DCHS asks students to choose their courses for the following year in the early spring. Students are encouraged take the scheduling process very seriously. Before choosing their courses, students need to investigate and carefully consider all of their course options.
To encourage this process, parents can go through all of the scheduling information with their child, read the course descriptions, and help the child choose his/her courses for the following year. Students should sign up for the courses that are required for graduation and choose the most appropriate electives.
If you have any questions, call your child’s counselor. Do not just assume that you can change a class later. Once a student’s schedule is set, it may be very difficult to change a class.
“Too often we focus on the negative – the low grade or the area that needs work. We need to spend more time identifying and developing our students’ strengths.” Andrea Royer, School Counselor